David Whitley, author, standing before one of his paintings.

David Whitley was born in 1953 in northern California into a poor but hard working family. Raised in rural Oregon as the oldest of five children, he spent countless hours roaming the hills and streams around his home with his younger siblings. His mother instilled in young Dave a love of learning and books at an early age and reading (science books and science fiction, in particular) became a very important part of his life.

After high school graduation, Dave followed his father into the construction trades and worked variously as a carpenter, sheet rocker, cement finisher, welder and ultimately a commercial construction estimator. The demands of raising a family effectively curtailed his chances to write the stories that filled his head.

Whitley is divorced, the father of three children, and grandfather to eight grandchildren. Now retired and living in Reno, NV, he finally has the time and opportunity to put into words the stories he’s harbored for forty years.